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Lou Barber

          “Identical Harts”                      Commander Eastman story line in the book
                                                                       **boyhood friend of Lou Barber**   
A Novel


A Book You Cannot Put Down! Rated April 20, 2008
Author Lou Barber has written another wonderful novel "Identical Harts" that is destined to be one of those
 books that you want to share with a good friend when you are done. It has a well crafted and thought-out
story-line. The characters come alive on the pages. It is a book written to entertain and it will not disappoint
the reader. The plot deals with fates of identical twins separated soon after birth and given up to two different
families  to be raised. They each experience different lifestyles and lives independent of each other.
The story is a compassionate and a skillfully told tale that will keep the reader fully vested in what happens

The American Author Association gives this book its highest rating of

         "The Baker Affair"                   Lou served two years aboard the Tabberer 1951/53


Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr.
American Authors Association of California

Moving War Epic
What can you say about a book that is enjoyed by such diverse readers from people like
Millie Limbaugh
(Rush's  mom),
a Rear Admiral to a local TV personality in Dothan, Alabama, these people have good taste!  
 Author Lou Barber's debut novel "The Baker Affair” is well worth shouting about. So, if you love stories  about  
heroes and wars with great characters in them - then this is your book! The story line will take the reader to three
different wars - from WWII and Korea to Vietnam. The book is an undiscovered war classic in the making and is
certainly worth adding to your personal library
For those  who enjoy good entertaining tales of war and
real heroes then you will find yourself right at home with this book in your hands

              504th Signal Battalion,  Germany 1962

                There were no medical problems and the windscreen was replaced.