AH-1G Huey Cobra by Bell Helicopter
Major Lou Barber was a test pilot on the world's first attack helicopter between Vietnam tours. He was one of five officers selected for that assignment. He logged more than three hundred hours making firing runs over the Gulf of Mexico. It took approximately one hour to shoot 96 rockets and fire 4,000 rounds of mini-gun ammunition. The flights over an off-shore range were to determine what repair parts would be needed in actual combat.
                                Cobra AH-1G -  Video:                                  http://youtu.be/UvFeyslhWRoCobra

     Basic Chopper Flight Training: http://youtu.be/g7IX0lRRGCc

Barber was assigned to the Army's First Cavalry Division as an assault helicopter flight leader in 1966. He led as many as twenty-eight helicopters at one time.  Three to six combat assaults were conducted each day, seven days a week.  He logged more than 800 combat hours and received hostile fire approximately 20% of the time.  Night missions were conducted frequently and were much more intense.  The chance of a mid-air collision increased and tracers seemed to fill the sky.  Our helicopters were 99% reliable throughout my year-long tour
of duty in the jungles of Vietnam.  That is a tribute to our maintenance personnel and Bell Helicopter.  I have the greatest respect for all the men in the First Cavalry Division.

       Vietnam - Chopper Combat: http://youtu.be/bh8Do9Ysw0k
             Helicopter History: http://youtu.be/MSvN2os2djM
227th Assault Helicopter Battalion History: 

                     Caribou CV-2B                                       Mohawk OV-1         
Barber logged more than 1200 hours in the Caribou as pilot in command.  Most of those hours were flown at Ft. Benning, GA, during the 11th Air Assault tests, 1964/65 .         CV-2B in flight: http://youtu.be/8PtXS-zSnYU

He flew more than 300 hours in the Mohawk testing a new transponder.  The tests were conducted with US air defense facilities around the United States in 1968
                      Mohawk in Flight!!!:   http://youtu.be/NHkV_uzHeFU
 Slide Show:   http://youtu.be/BB_fbqTntWE